Accolades & Awards

A big thank you to the governing bodies that have acknowledged my achievements over the last 18 years in business. From the countless hours spent refining my skills to the moments of triumph upon receiving these awards, your belief in my potential has been a driving force. Each award represents not just an individual honour but also a shared victory for each past and present student of Damien Williams Drum Tuition and our collaborative spirit.

 I extend my deepest gratitude to each member of the governing bodies. 

Your vision, research, and unwavering commitment have shaped my journey, and for that, I am grateful.

Wales Prestige Awards

Wales Prestige Awards 2023/4

Music Tutor Of The Year

Global Awards - 2023/4

Music Tuition Service Of The Year

SME News - Welsh Enterprise Awards

Drum Tutor of The Year 2023 (North Wales)

Corporate Vision - Education & Training Awards

Drum Tutor of The Year 2023 (North West England)