Damien Williams

A reliable, experienced and friendly educator with a great passion for music covering all aspects of drumming!

“When it comes to musical talent, Damien Williams is nothing short of phenomenal. His accomplishments as a musician from North Wales span over two decades and showcase exceptional skills on various instruments, but most notably on the drum kit. Damien consistently exhibits his genuine passion for music and brings a unique blend of versatility and adaptability to his craft. With his impressive grooves, styles, and rudiments, he is a true expert in his field.

Not only is Damien an exceptional performer, but he is also a conscientious and organized professional with extensive studio and live performance experience. He has a fantastic ability to keep time and be click-friendly, further demonstrating why so many artists love to work with him.

In addition to his success as a musician, Damien is also known for his exceptional teaching skills. He has taught music in several prestigious institutions, including Cheshire primary schools, Dawson’s Music in Chester, Music Matters in Ellesmere Port, and Wirral Music Factory in Birkenhead. He played a significant role in the success of the ‘Rock Project,’ helping to share his expertise with students at six different schools.

Despite his extensive education and experience, Damien remains humble and always ready to learn and improve his craft. At a young age, he started playing in local bands, and his success continues to take him internationally. In 2013, Damien played alongside the Gwyn Ashton Trio, and their Eastern European tour was a huge success, with 32 performances in six weeks. It even led to appearances on Czech television and coverage in numerous magazines and radio shows. Overall, Damien’s skill and experience make him an excellent choice for any musician looking for a versatile and talented collaborator.”


Aside from teaching Damien is no stranger to the stage

Damien is a talented musician who wears many hats. In addition to playing the drums for ‘Slinky’, a successful corporate/function band based in the Northwest of England which sees him performing all over the UK and Europe at various events, Damien’s musical prowess extends to other areas too. 

As an accomplished guitarist and singer, he performs alongside a partner in an acoustic duo called ‘Between the Loops’ and has wowed audiences all over the UK with their unique blend of acoustic loop-based performances. For those interested in an acoustic show with a twist, ‘Between the Loops’ performances are simply not to be missed. 

Damien has previously served as the lead vocalist, drummer and occasional guitarist in his band ‘Fly by night’, a 2-piece British alternative, rock, acoustic, pop, indie, electronic and funk band from Chester, United Kingdom. Their sound is highly influenced by and similar sounding to great bands like Incubus, Hoobastank, Nirvana and the Foo Fighters. 

 But that’s not all – Damien also writes, performs and records his own music in his free time, making music an integral part of his life that he’s most passionate about.

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