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Learning how to play the drums is an exceptional reward. It is an enriching experience that anyone can benefit from, whether it is simply out of interest or for a more serious career. Regardless of age or skill level, drum lessons are a fun and invigorating way to develop and refine coordination, timing, rhythm, and musicianship. Not only will you gain confidence behind the drum kit, but you will also enhance your musical abilities and be able to play along with all your favorite songs with ease. 

Damien is an experienced drum teacher offering lessons both for private and school-based students. Depending on class sizes and interests, the options for lessons can vary drastically, with sessions ranging from as short as 15 minutes per child to up to one hour long. 

Whether you have dreams of being in a band or playing the drums just for fun, Damien can help. He offers a tailored approach to teaching that caters to the individual needs of each student. As a teacher, he understands that every student has a unique learning style and teaches accordingly to ensure the best outcomes for success. 

Damien even provides students with learning materials, practice pads, and play-along tracks through his iPad app during lessons, making learning more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


  • Beginners and advanced students welcome
  • Professional Digital Drum kit supplied
  • Coaching for live performances and grades
  • Custom lesson times are also available. 
  • Ages 6 and upwards

Wrexham - Cheshire - Deeside - Flintshire - Denbighshire - The Wirral

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Damien Williams


If you’re not having fun with with your drums then you’re doing it wrong!

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